Most Common Reasons People Call Plumbers

Studies over the years have shown that the average homeowners will call a plumber once every three years. Strangely enough, one of the most popular questions a Plumber in Ocean County or anywhere for the matter will receive, goes along the lines of: “Is this a normal plumbing problem?” Whether it’s runny toilet or a clogged sink, the question may be close to the one just mentioned.
There are several factors that can influence plumbing issues and these may include time of the year, the age of the structure and climate among other things. After identifying the various causes, almost any plumber can that tell you that the most common reasons are inclusive of the following:

Clogged and slow drains

We can all agree that a drain cleaner can work wonders from time to time. However, there are some cases that a powerful drain cleaner might find problematic. This just shows you how important it is to get in contact with a plumber at the earliest possible time.

Running toilets

Seeing that we are on the subject of wasting water, did you know it’s easy for the average runny toilet to lose up to 200 gallons every day? Then there’s that annoying sound that never goes away until the problem is resolved. Apart from keeping a watchful eye out for a runny toilet, a Plumber in Ocean County will tell you that shouldn’t even flush these advertised flushable wipes. This is because they do not always break down as efficiently as you may see in ads.

Dripping faucets

Even though a dripping faucet may seem like a trivial issue, you would be surprised at how high it cause your water bill to rise over time. The moment that you notice a leaky faucet you should get in contact with your plumber, especially given that there’s no telling on how long it could’ve been happening.

Faulty water heater

Not many people like to wake up and have a cold shower in the mornings, which led to water heaters becoming a common feature in almost every home. The average life of a water heater is between 7 and 11 years depending on how often it is serviced. Chances are that it needs to be re-serviced or replaced altogether. Knowing a Plumber Sea Girt could help you figure this out quickly and assist you in taking steps to fix it.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can occur based on several different reasons such as a new shower head or probably a new leak somewhere in the plumbing system. In cases like this a Plumber Ocean County would do a check and if a leak is present, they will fix it.