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If you are looking for used copy machines you have found the right website. TripleC sells over 1000 used copy machines every month. While most of our copiers are exported across six continents, hundreds of used copy machines as well as refurbished copiers are sold domestically to businesses and copier dealers alike. Color copy machines are much more popular across the world. However black and white copiers still prevail in most foreign markets. If you are looking to purchase a used copy machine and enjoy the savings that come with it, go ahead and view our extensive on-line inventory.

Our certified used copy machines are a fantastic business proposition! You get a current model copy machine that has been used less than 3 months as rated by the manufacturer. Combine this with savings up to 75% off MSRP with free national shipping and our “same as brand new” warranty and you have great savings! Then add peace of mind that you are working with a very respected organization; we have had an A+ rating with the National Better Business Bureau for the past ten years. Now that’s value! You can purchase used copy machines with huge discounts without any associated risk. We’ll even help coordinate local service for your copy machine using our national copier dealer network. Whether you are looking for popular color copy machines or a b/w used copy machine, Copiers Refurbished will have the right copier in stock for your business.

Our copy machines and used photocopy machines come from off lease markets, repossessions, short term rentals, sales demos and corporate trade-in programs. If you are looking for a great copy machine at drastically reduced prices, you have found the right place. Once your copy machine arrives our professional staff will assist you in getting a local dealer to help have it installed and set up under a service contract.

We sell low price high quality photocopiers to the public all at trade prices, we’ve been in the business for years and betweens us have over many years of knowledge of copiers and consumables and what suits the customer. All of our photocopy machines are carefully selected and tested to ensure that our photocopy machines are in optimum working condition. After the selection process, our photocopy machines go through the reconditioning process, executed by our trained and expert professionals. This ensures that all our customers get the highest quality photocopy machines at an affordable price.

Building Backlinks for SEO- The Natural Way

Backlinks are a crucial factor in gaining high search engine rankings. But you need to know how to create quality and natural backlinks, otherwise you aren’t doing your online presence any good. Only quality and unique backlinks will boost your search engine rankings. Poor quality backlinks will either be ignored by search engines or could even damage your rankings and website.
What are backlinks for SEO? Backlinks are links given to a website placed in various locations throughout the internet. Strategically placed backlinks help many online businesses with high search engine rankings. They also help many online consumers find the services or products they need.

With this, backlinks are essential in building a reputable online presence and play a key roll in the online commercial world. In today’s ever evolving technologically driven business world, a company essentially doesn’t exist without a strong online presence.

In Google’s perspective, links were once the popularity and quality of the website. The problem is that this system was badly abused which led to changes in the way Google looks at backlinks. This asks the question: does building backlinks for SEO still work? When you are looking at backlinks you have to remember that PR (Page Rank) is only part of the algorythm, you should look at the trust of the link, is the site high quality, is it not spam and is it relevant? Google looks at many more factors than just the number of links each website has, they determine the value of each site with the content and the user experience.

If you are building backlinks for SEO, be positive and cautious that your simply not building hundreds of backlinks to your website in a short period of time. Strive to create a successful online presence by the method of developing backlinks naturally across a long period of time, various months over a calendar year. Working continuously with excessive high numbers of links within a short period of time, may typically be mistaken as spamming. This may also result in your website being penalized or worse, deleted or banned by all search engines.

The essential facts are, the best links to have are the ones which Google tell you that you should have, organic, natural backlinks, links that are unique and relevant to your website, and these backlinks are by far the most valuable!

One thing you need to remember is a website with high quality content and good website load speed will gain high rankings continuously. Matt Cutts (Head of Google’s Webspam team) in his recent interview (on 10 July 2013) said, “Don’t just try to get the links first, have compelling content and people will link to it themselves. Links are still the best way to rank websites”.

Author Bio-Anthony Morrison is the CEO of an affordable and honest SEO company, helping many online business with backlinks for SEO both globally and local.